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We are happy to announce the launch of our new website! Our new website will now feature our blog so sadly we must say goodbye to this address… but you can still read all about Casa and the people who are working in solidarity for a just and equitable world at our new address (linked to the new website) here. Thank you, loyal readers, and we’ll see you at our new address!

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Support Our Second Annual Retreat!

By:  Maria Wong, Outreach Officer

We are currently seeking charitable donations that will help us in our efforts to host our second annual Casa Canadiense Retreat! Below you will find what we are hoping to provide in the form of meals and snacks to for the Nicaragua delegations that will be participating in this exciting event. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

For more information on how you can support our global education programming in Canada, please contact me via email at maria.casacanadiense@yahoo.ca or you may also reach me at the Casa office at 647-352-3340. Thank you for your support!


Quantity Needed


Still Required

Thursday, 25 April 2013








Salad – Caesar

11 heads




3 Bottles



Lasagne – meat and vegetarian

4 Meat              3 Vegie

2  LG  Jacobe’s Aunt



6 dozen




2 lbs



Desert: (be careful of nut allergies)




Ice cream – vanilla and/or chocolate

2 Gallons



Crushed Oreo cookies

2 pkgs




1.5 lbs



















Evening Snack:




Popcorn – microwave type

22 bags (3 to a box)



Assorted chips – toccos from RR?

6 bags



Assorted dips & salsa

6 containers



Cut up veggies – carrots celery, green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes etc ( can use chip dips with veggies)

20 cups















Friday, 26 April 2013









5 dozen




1 lb



Cream cheese

8 X 8oz packages



Peanut butter

6 X 500g jars OR 2 X 1K jars




4 X 500ml Jars of Jam




4 X 5lbs of medium apples



















Mid-morning snack:




Cut up fruit: melons, pineapple, apples, mandrin oranges, grapes

15 cups



Cut up veggies – carrots celery, green peppers

15 cups



Assorted dips
























Provided for.
























Miscellaneous Items:





8 quarts



Cutlery – knives, forks, spoons




Paper Plates








Drinking cups




Garbage bags




Cleaning sponges/cloths




Paper towels








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Support Casa Canadiense’s Second Annual Retreat!

Hello friends,

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means: it is nearly time for our second annual Casa Canadiense Retreat!

This year’s retreat  will take place at Robert F. Hall in Caledon, ON, on April 25th-26th. This two-day event will bring together the Nicaragua delegations from our 6 partner schools (Robert F. Hall, St. Augustine/St. Roch, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Joseph’s, and Notre Dame) and give students a chance to connect with one another, to reflect on their experiences, to reinforce the learning that took place in Nicaragua, and to stay connected to Casa Canadiense and social justice.

We are currently seeking charitable donations that will help us in our efforts to host a bigger and better retreat than last year’s. Donations including water, juice, snacks, and food for the approximately 70 students and teachers who will be participating are greatly appreciated.

For more information on how you can become involved in this exciting event, please contact me via email at maria.casacanadiense@yahoo.ca . You may also reach me at our office at 647-352-3340.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

In solidarity,



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A Journey to a New Perspective

By: Vanessa M.

Nicaragua 2013

Nicaragua 2013

A few weeks ago I got the privilege of venturing to Nicaragua with my school, St. Roch C.S.S., as well as with students from St. Augustine C.S.S. I wanted to make a post about my experience but I think I found it hard to do so. I don’t think words completely and adequately describe my experience in Nicaragua, my phenomenal time with the community in Mozonte, and the time with my group/friends. Words are just not enough for me, but I do still want to share my thoughts about my time in Nicaragua (+ I told Maria I would). So, that is what I’ll do.

It seems like just yesterday my group and I were saying goodbye to our families. It seems like we were just arriving in Nicaragua yesterday and that we were taken back by how we even got there. Finally. Prior to that, we were planning, fundraising, getting ready, etc. At that moment, we were there and it felt so unreal. The fact that we were going to do something amazing by meeting new people and helping/working with others was extraordinary. This is something I dreamed of doing for a long time and I used to wonder how I possibly could ever do it. When I realized that I was about to reach one my dreams I felt ecstatic. I think my whole group did. All this set in when we stepped out of the airport in Managua. From that point on, we made memories in those 9 days.

The reason why I wanted to go on this trip was because I wanted to experience or witness a new reality, a new world, and new perspective. I wanted to meet new people, despite the language barrier. I suppose I felt a bit of imbalance in my life and I wanted to do something important in the world. I am so lucky because I not only got to do that, but also do that with an amazing group of individuals. Venturing to a new place seems a bit scary at times. However, I wasn’t scared because of the people I went with and the people I met.

There were so many things I saw in Nicaragua – many things that made me smile and some things that made me cry. The first time I cried was our second day in Mozonte. I felt like a billion thoughts were going through my mind and I didn’t know how to calm myself down. I felt guilty and a bit ashamed of the person I was back at home. I had a valuable talk with a few people and they made me feel better. They told me how they experienced the same feeling before. They made me see that I should not feel sad because I was surrounded by so much cheer and happiness in Mozonte. The children were a prime source of that. The community did not necessarily have everything in the world, but they did not need it because they were satisfied and happy with what they had. All they wanted was to simply connect with us, work with us, play with us, and share their stories so that we could then share them with others.

In Mozonte, I felt so at home there. While staying with my family, it did not even feel as if my real mom’s presence was absent. My host mom took her place by taking care of me when I got really sick and showing pure love. My entire family radiated love. I absolutely don’t know how to possibly thank them, because a simple ‘thank you’ would not do justice. I forever appreciate their humbleness and how welcoming they were. The language barrier did make it a bit difficult to communicate, but we tried to work it out by doing things like hand motions or signals. One day, I hope we will all be reunited and I’ll be able to speak more Spanish to them. Until then, we will continue to communicate through e-mail and I will have to work on my Spanish.

Okay well, I do not want to make this post any longer than it all ready is. I want to say that despite the rough times, the happy times conquer them completely. My experience in Nicaragua was life-changing. I wish I could name all the other good adjectives to describe it, but like I said before, words still would not be enough. After coming home, I did feel sad and a bit depressed –most of us did. But, we talked it out and now we look back on the great times we had together. This experience brought us so much closer. We miss the people, Casa Canadiense, Mozonte and the children who brightened up our days even when the sun was already shining, and so much more. We made incredible memories in Nicaragua and we are all talking about going back there next year. And I can’t wait because I really want to do this trip again!

In retrospect, I can say that this experience has engraved itself in my heart. I would like to thank our teachers, my group, Casa Candiense for offering this opportunity, Dave (our translator/doctor/organizer/tour guy/educator/everything else awesome), Carolle, Maria, and all those who helped support this trip. Without all of you, this would have never been possible. Thank you.

The 2013 St. Roch Nicaragua Delegation

The 2013 St. Roch Nicaragua Delegation

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Take on the World With a Smile on Your Face

By: Val Wiser

Val is a member of Casa’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and she has been to Nicaragua twice through Casa Canadiense’s global education program.

Nicaragua has taught me many lessons. It has taught me to be a happier person with the possessions I have and to cherish the ones that I love. It has shown me a carefree way of living. In Nicaragua, we are aware of the impoverished and the needy. We recognize the devastation due to natural disasters and the manipulation of the people. But when taking a closer look into their culture, you allow yourself to truly see what the country is like. By looking deeper, you experience the pride in their eyes and their welcoming hearts. All of the people there are so proud to show you what they have made of themselves. Most have little to nothing but they carry so much honour with what they do have. They are willing to communicate the hardships in their lives with you and will do so with a smile on their face. They have overcome and are still facing difficulties, but they can still express joy for being able to live another day. The happiness that they put out is infectious and you can’t help but feel the same when you are surrounded by them. I have been lucky enough to travel with Casa Canadiense twice and both times that I have gone I felt at ease. When I am in Nicaragua, I feel more relaxed and comfortable than any other day in my life. The most important lesson I have taken from this trip is not to be afraid to do what makes you happy. Personal happiness will give you a life worth living no matter the conditions that you are in. The key to success is to surround yourself with love and joy; once you have accomplished that then you can take on the world with a smile on your face. Nicaragua taught me that; Nicaragua changed my life.

Nicaragua 2013.

Nicaragua 2013.

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